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Sri Lanka is a beautiful country.This country located in India ocen.Coordinates of the country Lat : 656'N & Lon : 7950'E. Sri Jayawardanapura ,Kotte is the administrative capitol of Srl Lanka while Colombo is the commercial.Sri Lanka was known by many names as  Taprobane ,Serendib ,Ceilao ,Ceylon.
Sri Lanka's pre history goes bak 125,000 years back and has more than 2600 of proven history. Ancient inhabitants of Sri Lanka were presumably ancestors of the current Vedda people.

Sri Lanka was the sea port of most of travellers in ancient.Orientation of Sri Lanka is very important to all voyagers. port of Galle , Trincomalee , Hambanthota and Colombo are main ports while Katunayake and Maththala- Hambanthota serve as air ports.

Local currency of Sri Lanka is Rupee(LKR ).International direct dialling code is +94. Intenet county code top level domain is .lk.(Internet TLD.Indipendant date was 04th Feb in 1948. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is the constitution of this country.

Travelers once visited here will prompt to visit again here. Hospitality of the Sri Lankans are in very high level. People are helpful to each others. Buddhism has given significant influence on its culture. There are many festivals in Sri Lanka. Sinhala Avrudda is very color full event in the country while Vesak &, Poson festivals represent Buddhist religious activities. 
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Our programs are creative and not a conventional type. We always give first priority to our culture and language. Though it is difficult to build up the listener base with internet and as like popular current radio staions, our aim is to go forward with big chalanges to provide better professional service and creativity for our listeners. In future web radios will be more popular and economical for digital advertising. we take the leading part of new era of digital information communication in Sri Lanka.
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